Guild Wars 2: Sylvari Character Creation

Scrambling around the Guild Wars 2 forums eargerly awaiting the release for Guild Wars 2 seems to be my major addiction at the moment. I had a shot at playing Shank, but I didn’t really like it — the more likely reason I stopped playing, is because it isn’t Guild Wars 2.

As posted their article on Beta Weekend Three (including the new features; including all races now being playable, which is totally mad in my eyes, I’m so excited), a post was thrown up on the Guild Wars 2 Guru forums that stated “Sylvari Character Creation”. I thought this was once again, going to be another post from a convention with disgustingly loud techno music in the background and people screaming with delight. Thankfully, this video was actually useful and previewed new un-seen content.

Later on during the night, the video was pulled from Guild Wars 2 Guru and Youtube, so no-one  had the ability to see it again. Turns out, had a version up on their website, provided by a user named ‘killerc88’. You can still check it out right now if you’re interested.

What I particularly love about this video, is that it has removed any doubt I had about the look of the Sylvari. As you probably know, I was mixing my brain up trying to decide between a Human, Asura or Sylvari to play as my Elementalist at launch. And as you could assume; I was basically sold on playing a human. They looked awesome. But, after seeing the video, any consideration I had to play another race, has been completely removed.  I really want to play a Sylvari now. More than I ever have before. They look unbelievably stunning in every sense of the word.

Kudos, ArenaNet. Kudos.

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